Happify: for Stress & Worry

By Happify, Inc.

Happify: for Stress & Worry

Happify is a website and iPhone/Android app that offers cutting-edge activities and games that support people to people:
• Reduce stress.
• Overcome negative thoughts.
• Improve relationships.
• Feel better about their lives

Happify: for Stress & Worry

What we think

The app is produced by clinicians, writers and data scientists using latest evidence about neuroplasticity, positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioural therapy.

The app is brightly coloured and has clear sections and buttons to access different components. The track is easy to follow, highlighting the specific activities and goals to complete each day. It also breaks activities down into small, achievable steps so that the person completing it can feel encouraged at having done each small segment.

Happify is an evidence-based tool that gives you access to fun, scientifically-validated activities and games that help you feel more positive in the short- and long-term.

It is made up of tracks, or 4 week programs that are specific to different needs. You can choose which track is most applicable for you at the time. Some tracks are free and other are pay-to-access.

Every two weeks you can do a mental health check in and receive a happiness score. You can also see your progress along the track as you complete each activity in your current track. Finally, there is a space to see your stats and progress (from skill points earnt), so you can see your happiness levels change over time.

The app is meant to be used on a day-to-day basis, teaching you different skills, exploring your strengths, and training your ability to tune your brain into thinking more positively. It requires a fair amount of reading so would be more suited to someone with literacy and comprehension skills.

The individual can choose a track that is relevant to them at the time. Tracks include topics such as ‘conquering negative thoughts’, ‘thrive during change and uncertainty at work’, and ‘defeat loneliness’.

The app requires the user to input their own thoughts and feelings, and these ‘posts’ can be accessed again at a later time.

There are accessibility options including:

  • compatibility with AT devices including google talkback and Samsung voice assistant
  • high contrast mode for users with low vision or colour blindness
  • accessibility warning for activities that require audio/visual interaction
  • disabling animations

Yes, the app certainly does target the goal to increase happiness levels by targeting a variety of different skills using evidence-based strategies.

There is a community section within the app where different people around the world who use the app can choose to share their posts and thoughts, and others can comment. There is the option to turn off your own thoughts being posted, but it would be nice to have the option to turn off any access to the community page.

I liked multiple features of the app, including:

  • the flexibility and specificity of the different tracks
  • that the activities are short and also include different game options to make it fun
  • the option to protect the data on the app with a fingerprint scan before accessing
  • The descriptions on each activity so I know what to expect, and what skill they are targeting.
  • Articles on the Happify daily page which are evidence-based and interesting to read.
  • Quizzes available at any time to explore different strengths.


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Age Ranges: Adult

Curriculum: Critical & Creative Thinking, Personal & Social, Ethical Behaviour

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