Too Loud Kids Noise Meter & Timer

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Too Loud Kids Noise Meter & Timer

Too Loud Kids Noise Meter is an easy to use and motivating tool to support children within the school and home environment if they struggle to regulate their volume. With the Too Loud Kids Meter, supporting children to remain quiet and on task will become fun and competitive. Set the timer and meter sensitivity and then press go. While the time passes, the voice meter measures and provides a visual of the noise level using an animal. When it is silent the animal looks happy and fun, but when the noise gets louder the animal is reacting accordingly to show graphically that the noise is too high.

Too Loud Kids Noise Meter & Timer

What we think

The app uses bright colours and a visual layout that makes it easy to understand and makes the instruction ‘be quiet’ sound less abstract for children. Timers, visuals and sounds all allow the app to create a strong structure and routine which creates a sense of predictability and consistency for children who require this to remain regulated.

The app is accessible for both children and adults. The app is easy to navigate and is quick to set up. When working in a busy classroom or home environment, the app can easily be used and monitored.

The app can be used across different environments such as home and school and is appropriate to use 1:1, with small groups or with large classrooms. The app would be appropriate from children as young as Kindy through to Year 3 or 4.

The app uses reward tokens to motivate the user. Across the time frame set, if the children are able to maintain a low volume and work quietly, reward tokens/ ‘good marks for silence’ are given. A total of 5 can be achieved across a time period. If the volume becomes too loud, a reward token is not given, instead a ‘bad marks for being too loud’ token is given.

This app would be appropriate for people with a range of backgrounds. This app would work well if being used independently but would also work well if supported by an adult to set up.

If using the paid version of the app, the app can be personalised with different animals, backgrounds and tokens. The free version of the app comes with limited options to personalise it. If your child prefers to be given choice and control, they may feel restricted by the limited options.

The app also includes sound effects and the possibility to record your own sound effects to personalise it to match our classes reward systems. The app can also work with Bluetooth devices making it flexible to use in a classroom.

The app works well as a simple and effective motivator/ game and targets its intended skill well.

The app could be improved by making it more accessible and age appropriate for older children e.g. Year 5 or Year 6 students.

I liked this app as it was easy to use and had a clear layout. The app uses positive behaviour support strategies and provides a very clear visual to support students to increase their own awareness of their volume and encourages them to be independent in regulating this. Young learners would enjoy this app as it makes being quiet fun, motivating and competitive.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social, Ethical Behaviour

Games/Motivators Organisation and Independence
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