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Sunny helps women with and without disability to recognise, respond and get help if they are experiencing violence and abuse.

Sunny helps women to:

– Learn about violence and abuse

– Learn about rights

– Learn through interactive stories

– Begin to tell their story using an interactive keyboard

– Call 1800RESPECT 24/7 for free and confidential help

– Call emergency services if in immediate danger


What we think

The app has been designed to increase awareness of different types of violence, especially those people with disabilities and disorders may experience. The app aims to help individuals recognise and identify different forms of violence which empowers and encourages victims and witnesses to seek help. The app links user in to a hotline (1800RESPECT) with experience counsellors to offer support.

Yes, the app is easy to navigate with options and force choices to reduce demands. The app tells stories in a text messaging format which is easily recognisable and familiar to most users.

The app does have a lot of reading and use of emoji’s, however may not be accessible to those with lower literacy levels.

The app can help target goals of protective behaviours by introducing:

-Sorts of violence women may experience

– Where violence can happen

– Who can do violence

– Key rights that all women have

The app provides information in a text message format and includes simple emoji’s and images, however may not be engaging for adolescences and those with low literacy levels unless supported by others.

The app requires a good level of reading abilities and design for teens and adults to learn more about different types of violence. It is targeted at women, however is still a positive learning tool for men.

The app provides the opportunity for you to choose what stories you would like to read under each topic area, allowing users to take their time when navigating the app.

Yes. The aim is very effective in increasing awareness of violence and link users in with support. The direct hotline is easy to access and counsellors are quick to answer and very supportive.

Inclusion of audio or more visuals and possible videos to support those with lower literacy levels.

The app was easy to navigate and the 1800RESPECT hotline was easy to access. The counsellors were very prompt to answer and willing to help.


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Age Ranges: Adult, School-Age

Curriculum: Personal & Social, Ethical Behaviour

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