My Study Life – School Planner

By My Study Life Ltd

My Study Life – School Planner

My Study Life is a dedicated calendar and task manager specifically designed for students and educational institutions. Users can enter information like

  • Course duration (e.g. semester times),
  • Holidays,
  • Class times, teachers and room numbers for a unit/subject,
  •  Assignment due dates,
  • Exam times, and more.

My Study Life provides a colour coded timetable, reminders of upcoming events and due dates, and progress trackers for the completion of tasks and assignments.

My Study Life – School Planner

What we think

My Study Life draws on anecdotal evidence from students and educators in favour of the app’s visual supports, such as the colour coding and progress markers

My Study Life is organised in clear, simple and elegant way. It does require the user to familiarise him/herself to its navigation plane, and to learn how to add items to the calendar. Support can be found here:

My Study Life is a dedicated task manager for all education environments, e.g. high school, university, etc.

My Study Life is suitable for any student who is able to make in-app selections. Some support may be required to enter subject names and class times, etc.

My Study Life is designed to integrate the user’s individual organisation needs, however you cannot significantly change its look or feel.

My Study Life could be improved for visual learners by allowing photos and images to be used in the details, e.g. photo of the classroom, map of the school, photo of the whiteboard, etc.

A good point of difference from other popular electronic organisers (such as Google Calendars) is the dedication to the education environment/context. The user is prompted to consider many things relevant to study such as, room locations, teacher names, assignments and exams, etc.


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Age Ranges: Adult, School-Age

Curriculum: Personal & Social

Organisation and Independence

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