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CanPlan is a free app that promotes independence and builds confidence by helping people with cognitive challenges complete tasks successfully.

The app helps users by breaking activities down into easy-to-follow sequences, using photos and reinforced with text and audio prompts.

Scheduling and reminder features can prompt users to complete required routines on time and creates opportunities for consolidation of tasks and overall success.

This app can be used by families, school staff, therapists and support workers across a range of environments to support a person’s independence and teach new skills.

The ability to customise tasks, using personalised photos, voice output and written texts, will not only encourage active participation in the development of sequences at the user’s ability level, it also supports motivation engagement.


What we think

CanPlan offers autism friendly strategies such as providing visual learning, consistency in schedules and routines and personalization to encourage active participation and motivation.

CanPlan is easy to use, especially the pre-programmed tasks. By simply selecting the task you want to perform, it will provide visual supports to help break down the sequence (order) and steps in a task e.g. making a coffee. Just press start and the arrows to navigate to each step. The app also gives the option to speak the steps and take personalised photos.
Creating your own tasks is simple to follow and allows on-going scheduling, sends reminder notifications and daily to-do lists.

The app can be used across a range of contexts, at home, school and the community to support daily routines.The app’s ability to customise client specific tasks will ensure that steps included can match the user’s ability, preferences and grow as their skills develop.

The app allows users to select ‘Done’ once they have completed a task and a green tick is then displayed next to the task on a daily to do list.
No further auditory or visual rewards are available.

CanPlan can be used for persons of all ages and languages due to its emphasis on providing simple sequences and offering visual supports. As the tasks can be customised, changing language and voice output is helpful.
The ‘start’ and arrow buttons in the sequence are small, therefore persons with reduced finger isolation, motor planning or vision perception/impairments may have difficulties.

Pre-programmed tasks can be edited and creation of customised tasks are available. Adding personalized photos, voice output and steps can ensure this app caters to a range of users and skill levels.

Increasing the size of the ‘start’ and arrows for each would make the app more easily accessible and providing more motivating rewards.

The app is free and can tailor steps and tasks at an individual needs basis.
Its ability to send notification reminders is also helpful to encourage independence in initiation of tasks.


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Age Ranges: Adult, School-Age, Early Years, Early Primary, Late Primary, High School

Curriculum: Personal & Social

Organisation and Independence
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