Brushing Hero


Brushing Hero

Brushing Hero aims to make the struggles of oral hygiene fun! Using colourful visual and animation and game like technology, Brushing Hero aims to get children into the habit of brushing their teeth neatly, correctly and for appropriate lengths of time. The app uses a range of motivators to keep your child engaged and uses a simple model of ‘the more you play, the strong you will be’.

Brushing Hero

What we think

Brushing hero has included an interactive video of yourself as a warrior, and as you brush your teeth you fight to defeat the monster.

The app uses many instant rewards like noises and visually shows the monster being defeated to provide motivation to the person brushing their teeth. This supports a positive behaviour in brushing your teeth for 1 minute and motivates children to continue to engage in this expected behaviour.

Yes , this app is very easy to use and to understand, making it accessible for a range of ages and stages.

No, It is solely used to brush teeth for 1 minute, there does not seem to be capacity to increase this time (maybe if you purchase premium)

Yes! Visually motivating and there is noises to show how you are defeating each monster as you brush your teeth.

Yes, this app is easy to use and understand. There are no hidden requirements and all ages can use and enjoy this app!

The free version of this app doesn’t appear to allow customisation for individuals, however you do see yourself as a warrior on the screen.

Yes, brushing teeth for 1 minute, a self-care goal.

Changing the amount of time brushing teeth, having your own character to change their outfits and multiple levels to encourage continued engagement with the app.

That it is a good distraction to support teeth brushing and overall independence whilst incorporating special interests and supporting an overall better understanding of good oral hygiene.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social, Games/Motivators

Games/Motivators Organisation and Independence
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