Adding Apples HD

By Marcel Widarto

Adding Apples HD

Adding Apples is a fun learning experience with appealing and interactive 3D graphics. The app introduces games related to addition, counting and understanding concepts.

Adding Apples HD

What we think

The app developer does not mention theoretical evidence that has been used to plan the app.

The app opens into the calculator and apple counting area. The app gives voice prompts every time you press a number to support understanding. When apples appear to be ‘counted’ they also change colour (are wrapped) and allow you to move them in the tray to assist with counting.

Three users can be loaded into the app at any one time. The app can only be set to practise addition by adding apples that appear on the screen. It also allows a student to begin using a basic calculator by choosing a sum with the apples.

If you get an answer wrong, the app responds with a sound and resets. If you get it right you get a reward of money which can be later be used to claim a trophy when a certain amount is earnt. The app has a worm character that appears to provide positive reinforcement throughout the game. The app also incorporates a range of animations and music to make it more enjoyable.

Students would need to have some basic counting and understanding of addition to use the app successfully. The app could be used to extend and consolidate addition skills.

The app has difficulty levels which can be changed for novice, beginner, competent, proficient or expert users. There are basic settings which can be personalised at each level.

The app supports basic addition skills.

The student only has the option of adding apples so for student who don’t find this engaging, there are no options to include other items or to move to different mathematics functions.

The app is a fun and easy way to start using a basic calculator and learning to add. It provides positive feedback such as sounds and also ‘wrapping’ the apples as they are tapped to support with counting.


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Age Ranges: School-Age

Curriculum: Numeracy

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