Little Writer – The Tracing App for Kids

By Innovative Mobile Apps Ltd

Little Writer – The Tracing App for Kids

Little Writer is a fun tracing app. It comes preloaded with early words, shapes, letters and numbers. The app can be customised to add photos, names and voice recordings can also be added to personalise the app.

Little Writer – The Tracing App for Kids

What we think

Easy to navigate through pages. Requires a single click to select desire activity.


Can be used both at home and school. Good for people learning to write their letter, numbers and early shapes but little extension available once they have mastered tracing. Good for errorless learning as the app will re-set a letter if you trace outside of the boundary area.

Uses visuals to guide the person in the direction the shape, letter or number needs to be written.

Will not complete the letter, number or shape, if the person traces outside of the boundary (i.e. the pattern re-sets itself for the child to start again).

Includes motivating sounds as the person completes the tracing and provides verbal praise when a shape, letter, number is successfully completed.

The user needs to be able to have isolated index finger pointing to operate the app.

They would also need to be learning English as alphabet uses English uppercase and lowercase letters.

Little customization available. Pre-set letters, numbers and shapes. Can swipe between letters, number, shapes if you wish to skip a particular one

Aimed at developing Fine Motor pre-writing and writing skills and as well as letter, shape and number recognition. Will support a person learning to trace appropriately but no free writing, recognition or letter memory skills targeted.

Include a section where the person is required to draw the letter, number, shapes from a model at the top of the screen and then from memory – i.e. remove the tracing support.

Customise the tracing visuals to include what motivates the person– current visuals are random & include under the see and transport. Would be good to have wider selection to help with motivation and interest to task.

Has both visual supports and sound effects to motivate the user.

Easy to operate

Fail free learning – it won’t let the child raw the shape, letter or number incorrectly.

Can be used independently without requiring adult support / supervision


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy

Fine Motor Skills Literacy Maths/Numeracy
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