Alphabet Tracing Free

By Toan Vu

Alphabet Tracing Free

Help your child practice tracing letters and numbers and a range of other early learning games with this easy and fun to use app. Alphabet Tracing uses a range of sensory strategies to encourage your child’s engagement and love of learning.

Alphabet Tracing Free

What we think

The current evidence suggests that while apps targeting handwriting skills can be engaging and motivating for kids, best practice for handwriting is still doing task specific activities. As such, we would recommend that you use them in conjunction with practising the letters on paper.

Yes, it is easy to use to navigate between pages for each letter, and to reset each page. The colour of the pen can be changed easily on the main screen as well.

The app is limited to targeting the handwriting of both lower and upper case letters and numbers. There is no option to remove the tracing outlines of each letter as well.

After each line is draw, stars appear as a motivator. However, the motivator appears even when the letter is written incorrectly.

Yes, the app is intuitive and simple to use. Navigation of the app is easy and clear and it is accessible to use. It can be used on an iPad or even a phone, which makes it portable and handy.

The only personalisation available is to change the colour of the pen used to draw on the screen.

Yes, the app targets handwriting practice skills, and if used with a stylus, can help kids to practice correct handwriting technique.

This app could be improved by changing the motivator/reward animation depending on whether the letter was written correctly/incorrectly.

Cues could also be provided to help children know the direction and order of tracing each word.

The app provides outlines to trace, and the option of using different colours to write each letter is motivating.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy

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