Fun With Directions HD

By Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development

Fun With Directions HD

This app targets comprehension skills including the ability to follow instructions and understand concepts. This app also targets semantic skills and the user’s ability to analyse the features of an object.

Fun With Directions HD

What we think

The app has been designed by Speech Pathologist Patti McAleer. There has been no research conducted on the app however it does incorporate features of multi-sensory learning as users combine auditory, visual and tactile information. This can provide a more engaging learning experience, especially for users with a either visual or auditory learning style who are looking to develop their ability to follow instructions.

This app is easily navigated and has options to use both text and voice commands. There is an option to watch a demonstration on the main menu and a section on Frequently Asked Questions.

As the complexity of activities can be increased, there is the potential to introduce new prepositions and concepts as the skill of the child increases. The app could be used across the home, school and community environments. Each user can create their own profile which tracks their progress. The full version of the app can store up to 75 different user profiles and would therefore be applicable in a classroom setting.

If the user selects to wrong item, there is no response (auditory or visual) in the app prompting the user to try again.
However, when the user selects the correct item, the item comes “alive”. For example: when asked to select something that stings, if the user selects the bee it moves it’s wings and makes a buzzing noise.

A user would require basic knowledge of concepts and be able to follow instructions with multiple information carrying words (e.g. touch the one that stings). The is also the possibility that the same items would be repeated multiple times if a user was using the app on a day to day basis.

By selecting the “settings” options, the user is able to determine the level of complexity, the concepts that are covered and the order that those concepts are presented.

This app could be used to target various Language areas including following instructions (comprehension) and analysing objects (semantics). As the complexity of the app increases, so does the demands on auditory memory and therefore this can be developed as well.

The app may confuse some young users as there is nothing denoting an incorrect answer and may lead to them thinking the app has frozen or not registered their answer. This means the user may require another person verbally prompting them to try again. The price of the full app is $24.99 while the lite version costs $1.49. This price is expensive comparative to other similar apps online.

The app was interactive and engaging and expanded on basic following instructions activities by including semantic information in a “clue” format. The app targets multiple Language areas at once and has enough variety to keep users engaged.


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Age Ranges: Early Years, School-Age

Curriculum: Literacy, Critical & Creative Thinking

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