Aiko & Egor: Animation 4 Autism

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Aiko & Egor: Animation 4 Autism

An animated video series designed for children with autism to develop Language and play skills. The first episode is free with options to purchase episode 2 and 3.

Aiko & Egor: Animation 4 Autism

What we think

The app was co-founders have years of experience in autism research and intervention from the University of California, San Diego, the Autism Center of Excellence, and the Claremont Autism Center. Aiko & Egor uses a developmentally appropriate modified curriculum based on the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM; Rogers & Dawson, 2010) and Strategies for Teaching based on ASD Research (STAR; Arick, Loos, Falco, & Krug, 2004).

The app requires you to log in with an email, gmail or facebook account. You will need internet connection to use the app as the episodes will need to be downloaded or streamed. The app menu gives users an easy to guide to navigating the app.

App can be used in different contexts such as school or home to target Language and play skills.

Yes, there are interactive components in the app such the Learn Together function with teaching moments in the videos.

Yes, people of varying backgrounds could use it.

Due to the video nature of the app, if there is not an internet connection the app cannot be accessed or if the internet connection is slow it pauses and stops consistently. I found that selecting the ‘Download Locally’ option to work best however this means it would take up memory on the device. Users would also need to take into account internet costs with regards to downloads.

The videos can be watched independently by the child with options to watch the whole episode or favourite sections from the video if there are time constraints.The app website  gives lots of information about the app and options for support with the app.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy, Personal & Social

Language Literacy Social Skills
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