Recharge – Move Well, Sleep Well, Be Well

By ReachOut Australia

Recharge – Move Well, Sleep Well, Be Well

Reachout is a six week personalised programme to help improve the user’s mood, energy, general health and well-being. Recharge aims to reset your body clock by regulating your sleep and increasing early morning activity and exposure to daylight.
Key features include practical tips to improve your sleep/wake routine and well-being. Get daily reports to track your mood, energy, exercise and sleep and their relationship

Recharge – Move Well, Sleep Well, Be Well

What we think

Yes. The information section provides information on sleep, exercise, mental health and well-being. Recharge includes a well-being guide with “Info & Tips” on sleep, mood, exercise, eating well, alcohol and drugs etc.

Yes, however sound reading skills are required. Users should also have a good self awareness to answer questions when setting up personalised program to achieve best results. This app may possibly best for teenagers and adults.

At times the app would be easiest to use on a phone instead of an iPad as phone needs to be held in hand when doing some activities such as star jumps.

The app is meant to be used consistently for six weeks to improve sleep/wake routine. Goals can possibly be adapted if someone wants to use the app for more than six weeks.

The app provides regular messages to act as a reminder of your goals and exercises to do. The app also provides daily and weekly reports that summarises your progress to support reflection and consider new goal setting.

A user of Recharge needs to be able to have good reading skills and good self awareness skills in order to complete independently. With some support from others, the app could be used across contexts and age ranges. With use of routines, this may eventually support independent use and achieve results.

Yes. When signing into the app the user is asked a variety of questions re. sleep habits, mood, exercise. This data is then used to set up a personalised wake and exercise routine that best suits the user.

Yes. The app targets to improve the user’s sleep, mood, energy and general well-being.

A simplified version that could be used by younger children or teens that requires less reading would be useful.

The app being available for Android devices would also be beneficial to ensure more users had access to these practices.

Recharge is a very practical App. It doesn’t only tell you what to do and when to do it with appropriate reminders, it also offers a lot of background reading and explanations about the importance of good sleeping habits, diet, exercise and more. And it is free.


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