Goodbudget Budget Planner

By Dayspring Technologies, Inc.

Goodbudget Budget Planner

Budgeting planner provides visual supports to develop a personal budget and track income and spending.

Goodbudget Budget Planner

What we think

Yes to some extent. The app is straightforward in that it allows you to set goals for saving money, to split your income across daily needs and to provide a visual prompt of how much you have achieved. The app will only be effective in developing an individual’s money management and budgeting skills if they are committed to achieving this goal, and using this app on a daily basis to support their understanding.

Moderate ease of use. For people with limited receptive language skills they may need additional support to learn how it is set out.

Yes. The app can be used to target both short and long-term financial goals, e.g. putting money away each pay towards paying off a large loan or simply splitting income across everyday needs and bills.

Motivators are in the form of seeing a visual depiction of your spending. This may be motivating for some people but may not be visually engaging enough for others.

Yes to some extent. The app requires that the individual has adequate executive functioning skills and has the capacity to understand the value of money, how much bills and expenses realistically cost, and how to split income across expenses to ensure basic needs are covered.

To some extent. The individual can create budget envelopes depending on their personal expenses, e.g. rent, petrol, food shopping. Budgeting or targets can be adjusted accordingly depending on needs.

Yes, this app is focused primarily on money management and provides an appropriate visual depiction of this.

I believe that this app could be more interactive and visually exciting. The layout and colour scheme appears outdated and boring. I personally prefer the layout of budgeting apps such as Daily Budget, Fudget, Pocketbook or Spendee as these are colourful and engaging.

I like that is has a simple layout and would be appropriate for individuals who become easily visually overwhelmed by colours and graphics. It keeps information simple and concise and all in one place.


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Age Ranges: Adult

Curriculum: Numeracy

Maths/Numeracy Organisation and Independence
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