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iSEQUENCES is an educational app for children to practice sequencing images in order. The app includes 100 different sequences about daily situations, activities, and emotions, following the adventures of its main character. Sequencing activities support the development of expressive and receptive language, and literacy.


What we think

Teachers and Therapists have often used sequencing activities to support students who have difficulty ordering events, as well as to develop skills in language, such as: narrative, adverbs, tenses, prepositions, pronouns, as well as concepts that involve change, e.g. “bigger”, “finished”, etc.

iSEQUENCES is easy to navigate and to start using. It includes a helpful and thorough manual, for the benefit of the facilitator to explore the settings and ways to support the user.

The app is specifically for sequencing, it can be used to track improvements in this skill.

The app does include sounds and animations for correct and incorrect answers, which can be turned on/off, or modified via the settings to suit needs of the individual.

The app is suitable for any student requiring support in this area, who is able to use the touch screen to drag and drop images.

Specific sequence sets can be chosen or repeated, and motivators The app has automatic increase steps to increase the challenge following a run of successful answers.

As this is an educational app it directly targets the intended skill of sequencing via a long list of sequencing levels.

Facilitators may want larger sequencing activities, e.g. 6+ events. These days we expect apps to do a lot of different things, whereas this app only has one activity done with different situations — this is not a bad thing but it may not motivate everyone.

By nature, paper-based sequencing activities involve lots of cutting out – no need to waste time and paper with this app!


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy

Language Literacy
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