Eggy 100

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Eggy 100

Reading Eggs Eggy Words 100 is a FREE application designed to help children recognise and learn sight words. Sight words are words that readers should know automatically “at sight”, such as he, the, was and where. This is a sample version of what is featured in Eggy Words 250. You will receive access to the first 100 of 250 sight words using a fun and motivating game to keep kids learning.

Eggy 100

What we think

The FREE app is based on educational theory around the development of sight words and the importance of sight words to support fluency in reading. Sight words are hard to sound out and it is support a more automatic recognition of these words when reading.
This app is a sample of 100 of the words that are available in the Eggy Words 250 app, which you pay for.

The app is accessible and easy to use. There is a small start up initially but the function and usability is quite straight forward.

Initially, when you log into the app you are able to choose the appropriate age range. When you are playing each level, within the game the eggs move faster and it becomes harder to do but there are no clear opportunities to target a range of goals and the context of use for the app is very limited.

I have found that the ‘wrong’ components in the game are often more motivating for individuals as they do more in terms of animation during the app. The egg with the correct word turns golden while you can swipe the pig, scrambled egg etc. and these are much more interactive. I believe the motivators are poor and lacking.

The individual needs to be able to swipe quite quickly and effectively across the screen, whether it be iPad or iPhone. The individual also needs good attention and visual focus to look specifically for the correct egg. Good memory is also needed to remember the word when other incorrect words are thrown into the mix. I wouldn’t recommend this for older children and beyond. Only young children.

The app lacks personalisation and can’t really be adapted to suit the individual. There is no option to put in your name or change anything around the structure of the game other than sound effects and music.

The app does target the sight words well and although the free version only allows 100 words the paid version allows 250, which would be good to have access to.

Fans of the website will be disappointed with the app. The app needs more opportunities to personalise and vary and lacks any depth of tasks and variety. It needs more variety in activities to make it more interesting. It is a very boring app. The app needs significant improvement to be successful for a free app.

I like that you can add or decrease visual and auditory stimuli to individualise the game experience.


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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Literacy

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