Reading Comprehension

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Reading Comprehension

CCP states
“A child’s ability to read and comprehend the written word is his touchstone to success in school and in life. The primary object of our Reading Comprehension guide is to teach the reading skills that are basic to reading fluency and understanding in all subject areas and situations. Reading is the most essential communication skill in our society. For this reason, the author has given emphasis to many of the primary building blocks of reading acquisition, such as using context clues, determining main idea, and understanding inferences.

“Reading Comprehension” emphasises important concepts and appear throughout this series. Definitions of important terms and many opportunities to practice the skills being taught also make this book user-friendly and easy to understand. In addition, the objectives used in this book are

Reading Comprehension

What we think

All areas in reading comprehension are targeted: finding the main idea, identifying contextual cues, drawing conclusions, making inferences, separating fact from opinion, and sequencing of events . The theoretical concepts of Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning (the cognitive domain) are used: remembering →understanding→ applying →analysing to organise the activites

Great organisation, clearly setting out the activities to complete “Before you read” and “After you read”, to ensure the reader understands the task and can then apply their knowledge.

Can the app be used in a variety of ways/contexts or target a series of goals over a period of time

All the elements of reading comprehension can be worked on individually when one of the six example passages is selected, or a particular concept can be targeted and worked through each of the passages.

While there are no inbuilt games to reward people, the ticks and crosses are directly related to the traditional school based assessment system.

This app assumes a particular level of reading ability beginning from around Year Five and beyond.

Yes, in a very methodical manner.

This app supports the Australian English Curriculum content and has explicit teaching of abstract concepts that students with ASD often find difficult to independently develop.


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