Toca Birthday Party

By Toca Boca AB

Toca Birthday Party

Toca Birthday Party is a fun and engaging app that consists of activities that are involved when having a birthday party. This includes selecting from three party themes, having a birthday cake with candles, serving cake and selecting a present.

Toca Birthday Party

What we think

The app is play based and therefore, does not have a theoretical underpinning as such. It does however, suit a child’s interest in its bold colourful graphics, engaging animations and easy to follow process.

Yes. The app is easy to navigate through. It involves completing a step by step sequence so that the expectations are repetitive for the user.

The app is play based and can be used to support imaginative play and to also increase understanding of birthday parties. The app allows for multiple players to be involved in attending the party and can encourage turn-taking and sharing.

The app does not have motivators as it is a play based. The app allows the user to participate in some steps required in a birthday party in a fun and enjoyable platform.

Yes. The app can be used easily by a people of a range of ages and skill types.

No. The app cannot be personalised to the individual, however, the user does have some choice and control over the materials that they would like to use and there are no timers, limits or restrictions on how long they can play the game for.

Yes. The app is a motivator and is very engaging. It also introduces the user to pretend play and can support them in understanding elements involved in a birthday party.

This app could be improved by allowing more opportunities to personalise the game to the user.

It is fun and engaging and it uses bright colours, animated graphics and to gain the users attention. It allows multiple users to be involved and follows a step by step sequence.


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Multi-purpose tool:
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Age Ranges: School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social

Games/Motivators Language Social Skills
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