The Zones of Regulation

By Selosoft, Inc.

The Zones of Regulation

The Zones of Regulation app was developed in collaboration with the makers of the hugely successful The Zones of Regulation curriculum ( The Zones of Regulation uses visual supports and structures to teach students concepts around emotional regulation and strategies to help with self-regulation; the app is a video-game adventure and collection of mini games that provides the student lots of opportunities to learn about these concepts and strategies.

The Zones of Regulation

What we think

The Zones of Regulation has a strong evidence base showing positive effects on social emotional learning and self-regulation skills.

The Zones of Regulation game incorporates gradual learning of how to play, i.e. limits what you can do until you have mastered an element. This means the game is relatively easy to play and navigate until the student has progressed.

The Zones of Regulation can be used to target a variety of skills, such as:

  • Social emotional learning,
  • Self-regulation,
  • Self-awareness,
  • Perspective taking, and more

The Zones of Regulation uses visual, auditory, verbal praise and tangible motivators to reward and promote perseverance.  The game requires the completion of tasks before it will progress.

The Zones of Regulation is suitable for students that enjoy learning through tablet-based games and is especially useful for students who are learning the Zones of Regulation at school or in therapy. There are occasional literacy and language demands to consider.

The app relies heavily on a collection of drawn images of people’s facial expressions – these are almost always shown with no context and are occasionally too ambiguous. Showing pictures with context could be an improvement.

This app is unlikely to be anyone’s favourite game by any means, however once started the game succeeds in being quite motivating to continue and this allows for lots of exposure to the Zones of Regulation concepts.


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Age Ranges: Adult, School-Age, Early Years

Curriculum: Personal & Social

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